set and reach goal concept

Fun Ways to Prepare for Summer NOW!

By Tiara Shae


School has begun and summer seems like its 2,000 years away. Don’t get too depressed by that thought! There are several things you can do now that will prepare you for summer! You’ll be thankful for all the days in-between when you give one of these awesome suggestions a try!


Transform Your Body: Whether you are thicker trying to become thinner or thinner wanting to pack on some muscle mass, take on the challenge of transforming your body! Start now! By August of next year, it will be like looking at a new person. You’ll also feel very accomplished that you transformed your body!


Write a Book: Turn your life into a novel. Better yet, write how you really wish your life was in story format. Get super creative and write a little bit of a story every day. Who knows, it might just be a best seller!


Save for a Trip: Pick a city and make a plan! Stash away some cash weekly and get ready to go on a trip! Tell your friends about your plans so they can start saving, too!

set and reach goal concept

Set Goals: Create a goal that you would like to achieve by the end of the school year. Do you want more friends? Would you like higher grades? Do you want to get a head start on your career? Set a goal and begin to research ways to achieve it. Write about your journey on a blog to inspire others!


Pick one of these and you are going to have an awesome year!


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