LHHATL Star Expecting Baby #2

LHHATL Star Expecting Baby #2

Written By: Whitney J.


Well well well… what do we have here! Unless you have been sleeping under a rock, then you have heard about the infamous “home video” (I say that with caution since it seems to be theatrical) that Love and Hip Hop ATL stars Mimi Faust and Nikko made. Well after watching the first episode, we find out that the alleged video was mistakenly lost with luggage and then leaked. Still questionable, all of America will be tuned in this summer to see how this story unfolds.


Well has released a spoiled stating that this pair is not yet finished with their surprises and excitement. It has been reported that this LHHATL couple is not only planning to get married by the end of the show, but they are expecting a child together! What the What?! So mean to tell me all the work that was put in on their film sensation actually produced a child? Well, someone please sign this baby up for immediate therapy because the story of its conception is one for the books! Hopefully the two will use the funds from their “home video” come up to make some major investments into this child’s future. Serious question though, is the marriage just a way to get back at Stevie J? Also I wonder will her child’s father and new step mother be on the guest list for the wedding! Yes Mona Scott Young… I will be tuned in to how this story unfolds! I hope you guys have your popcorn ready!

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