The CeCe Show #KidKomedian

The CeCe Show #KidKomedian

By: Kanesha

Meet Caitlyn Price, the 4-year-old comedian, known as CeCe. The self-proclaimed “kid comedian” has taken the world by storm and has become a viral sensation, almost overnight. The Louisiana native has lured thousands of followers, 291K to be exact, to her hilarious Instagram page @thececeshow show; as she delivers quick one liners, bugs her family and mocks some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Beyoncé, Kevin Hart, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Tamar Braxton.

CeCe has caught the attention of Hollywood, as celebrities repost her hilarious, spot on impressions of them. “Yo the little girl @TheCeCeShow is beyond hilarious…I’m a fan of her videos!!! She’s so damn cute! #HerVoiceThough #BumBumpFree,” Kevin Hart posted to Instagram. She has also caught the attention of Wild N Out comedian, Spanky Hayes who has signed her to his company, 5 Foot Giant Productions and has already started preproduction for The New CeCe Show, an online sketch comedy, starring the two.

With her mother, Daphne Watson behind the camera and the primary writer for most of the jokes and skits, and with cameo appearances from her father and grandmother, you quickly realize exactly where she gets it from; the whole family is hilarious. But there is still something shockingly surprising about CeCe…how could a 4 year old have such perfect timing? To find out just how funny she is, visit www.thececeshow and follow her


One thought on “The CeCe Show #KidKomedian”

  1. I love love love love cece im a huge fan of her im so mad that my mom and dad dosent have the right amount of money to see her I love her her shows I love her mom and her sibling if I had tickets to see her I would pray all night to god and saying that I thank him so much to make my dream come true im a 11 year old and im saying this and I want to be just like cece and I want to be an comedian a singer and more I wanna see her in person plezzzzz make my dream come true and also I wanna be in her videos and I really want to talk to her before im grown I would love for this to come true that’s how big of a fan I am plez I trust in you and god and I have a god bless da thanx for reading my message If u read it

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