Selena Gomez Gets INKED!

Yesterday, the 21-year-old pop star and designer took to her Instagram to debut her new tattoo, and it’s really cute! The ink art was done by New York City-based celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang McCurdy! (sn: McCurdy also does Justin Bieber’s tattoos, and Selena was the one to introduce them…! Aside from Bieber, McCurdy’s also tattooed Cara Delevingne, Rita Ora, and Rihanna.) Selena got her new tat on the upper right region of her back, one that she’s been wanting for a while.


The tat is in Arabic script, translating to “Love Yourself” or “Love Yourself First.” Such a great, inspiring meaning! Bang Bang dished a little bit about his session with Selena. He shared that she arrived with a few friends (handholders, we’re sure lol) and was ready to get right to it. The tattoo is about four inches long and took about 30-45 minutes to complete. Selena loved her tattoo; Bang Bang added that she flipped out when she saw it! This isn’t Selena’s first stroll in the ink park, however, as she already has like five or six! Bang Bang has done three of them already.


And get this! As Selena was in the chair getting this one done, she was talking about another tattoo idea! I guess that getting tats are addictive; you can’t just have one! Actual plans aren’t in the works just yet for Selena’s next tattoo, but we’re looking forward to seeing what it looks like!


What do you guys think of Selena’s newest tattoo addition?! Leave us a comment and let us know!selena

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Bella Thorne For Candie’s!!!!

Yesterday, Bella and the Candie’s brand released photos on Instagram, showcasing Bella as their new face for the campaign! We love it! It’s super cute and girly and features some of Bella’s favorite things right now—oh! And some adorable fuzzy friends! I think that we can all agree that two favorite things on every girl’s list are her clothes and cake! That combination could put a smile on any girl’s face, we’re sure of it!


The campaign features some Candie’s new pieces that Bella particularly loved, like the tuxedo blouse, skater skirt, a floral peasant top, and some super cute wedges. And of course, we can’t forget about the cake and—have you figured it out yet?—PUPPIES! We love everything about this campaign! It’s cute, girly with and edge (in perfect Bella style, right?!), and makes us want to dive right into the scene of this shoot! We know that this must’ve been a fun shoot! Puppies, cake, and fashion…oh my! The perfect combination for this new campaign! Kudos to Bella Thorne and Candie’s for an amazing campaign ad!


Be sure to let us know what you all think! Leave us a comment!



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color palette

Women’s fashion: F/W 14-15 Color Palette

Ladies, ladies, ladies….. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is a quick look at the women’s color palette for Fall/Winter 2014-2015. And also just in case you are not convinced about the popularity of these unusual hues for the upcoming cold season, we give you some examples of our fave designers’ work, inspirations and recommendations.


color palette

Aurora Red and Sangria for the reds, Radiant Orchid and Mauve Mist for the purples, Royal Blue and Bright Cobalt for the blues along with Misted Yellow, Aluminum, Cognac and Cypress, all of these glamorous colors are going to be part of the rainbow coming up this fall/winter season.



Kenneth Cole, inspired by travelers in airports uses the Sangria red for this piece. According to Cole the “must-have item” for fall 2014 is a pair of black and white striped versatile sweat pants, which you can wear either with sneakers to ride on the airplane or with heels to go to your boardroom. The Sangria red can easily be paired with the Mauve Mist or the Aurora Red colors.



The young designer, Christian Siriano used pictures from the 40s and 60s to create his entire collection. Cypress green for a crepe cape overlay pant associated with a black stain wrap jacket are the items needed for a chic everyday or evening look.



Allong with a Misted Yellow, the designer Pamella Protzel-Scoot chose the Aluminum grey to design this look for the Ella Moss Brand. The inspirations for her collection are global beat, nomadic spirit, flea market finds and the rich heritage of tapestries and textiles. She recommends using these types of yellow and grey with a long sleeve maxi dress in either solid textures or tapestry prints.


bright cobalt

As it relates to blues, Rachel Roy uses Japanese ink, Venetian Red and Nightfall for this bomber jacket, which easily goes with the Bright Cobalt or the Cognac colors. Nature landscapes seen through an infrared lens were her inspirations.

Written By: Florie Buerki

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LaLa Anthony Kontrols her Sexy with Motives on the August 2014 Latina Cover!

Celebrities roll out new fashion and beauty lines as much as they roll out new shows and songs so when I see another one, I am looking for something unique and special. LaLa Anthony seems to have struck the right balance in her partnership with Motives Cosmetics.


Motives enjoyed a fresh wave of popularity in recent weeks when Anthony’s gorgeous cover of the August issue of Latina unveiled. She revealed her makeup look consisted of all Motives products!


Loren Ridinger launched Motives in 2008 and LaLa Anthony introduced Motives by LaLa in 2012. Featuring the popular “custom blend” foundation, Motives caters to a wide range of skin tones and ethnicities, plus promotes skin health with its proprietary mineral blend.


I love the vibrant colors, palettes and wide array of products the line offers. I also love how the site and its corresponding social media forums feature makeup artists and Motives beauty advisors and clients. These forums show followers not only what products to use for each featured look, but also the steps to achieve the face. I found myself putting several new (not needed) shadows in my e-shopping bag so I can try the looks at home.


Have you tried the fashionista’s makeup line? Be sure to let us know what you think!

Screenshot_2014-07-14-19-07-54_1 (1) Screenshot_2014-07-14-19-05-33_1 Screenshot_2014-07-14-19-06-09_1 Screenshot_2014-07-14-19-03-46_1

Photos courtesy of @motivescosmetics, @lala, @arabiiandoll, @keepitclassy_1,  and @ellarie Instagram

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Pamper and Repair with This DIY Face Mask!

Step up your skin care regimen with this simple DIY face mask! Leave your face feeling soft and looking refreshed! After, a long day why not treat yourself. By having a little me time with these few simple ingredients you will be taken on a tangy and sweet journey down relaxation lane.  So jump-start your mornings looking refreshed and ready conquer the world with this all natural recipe that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Lemon and Honey is the perfect combination to help clear up acne, reduce redness, remove dead skin cells, and overall helps keep your skin looking flawless!  So don’t waste any time and hurry and try this recipe ASAP!

honeylemon (1) lemon-and-honey1 (1)

Lemon & Honey Face Mask


Items needed: 1 lemon, a jar of honey, bowl, and spoon.


Directions:  Squeeze half a lemon into a bowl. Next, add 2-3 tablespoons of honey. Lastly, mix it until it’s even in consistency and apply all over your face (avoiding eye area). Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse off.


YOU’RE DONE! The mask is easy to make, apply, and remove. You can change up the ingredients if you prefer to make a large amount to store away or give away. Enjoy pampering and repairing your beautiful face! For more natural skin care DIY visit Don’t forget to comment and tell us what you think!



written by: Renae McCollum


Rita Ora & Rihanna Turned Up Overseas!

By Tiara Shae


Rita and Rihanna had an awesome weekend! The two beautiful singers were out of the United States living it up, giving stellar performances and getting smooched by some real winners!


Rita Ora was in Berlin, Germany this weekend ripping up the stage. She did a special performance for the 2014 Energy In The Park Show. Fans were mega excited to see Rita and were standing in water to get as close to the star as they could. Rita tweeted, “We had the whole beach partying” after her show.  Wish we could’ve been there.


Rihanna had fun with Germans, too! Not in Germany but in Rio de Janerio with the winners of the current leg of the 2014 FIFA World Cup championship series. Rihanna celebrated with team Germany after the beat Argentina. The Barbadian bad girl took some cute photos with the victorious soccer players and even snuck in some kisses! Rihanna gets kissed on the cheeks by the cutie soccer players while she holds their winning trophy. Looks like the German soccer team had two victories to celebrate! Rihanna later tweeted, “I touched the cup, held the cup, kissed the cup, took a selfie wit the cup!!! I meeeaan…… what is YO bucket list looking like bruh?”


Was your weekend as awesome as these awesome chicks?

RitaRihanna rita-ora-energy-in-the-park-07 rita-ora-energy-in-the-park-08 rihasoc1 rihsoc2 rihsoc3

diy beauty

Easy DIY Beauty Products

Written by Quiana Duckett

diy beauty

We all know the benefits that our body reaps by consuming fruits and vegetables but did you know that their benefits are far beyond than just to be ate? Fruits and vegetables can also be incorporated in your beauty routine to whiten your teeth, reduce eye puffiness, and combat many other beauty problems. The average woman puts over 500 chemicals on her body per day on her body. It’s time to ditch the toxins in your personal care products and begin to make your own with these 3 easy and natural DIY beauty recipes.

Grapefruit Facial Toner


DIY: Mix together freshly squeezed grapefruit juice with a small amount of fresh lavender or mint into a small spray or squeeze bottle and let it sit for 3 or more hours. Then apply with a cotton ball morning and night or spritz on as you would a store bought toner.

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub



DIY: Mix 1 1/3 cups sugar, 2/3 coconut oil, melted and  20 drops essential oil of your choice. Sugar scrubs are an indulgent way to exfoliate your skin, leaving it smooth, clean and fresh.

Chocolate Face Mask

choclate mask

DIY: Mix 1 mashed avocado, 3 tablespoons of raw cocoa powder, 2 teaspoons of raw honey and 1 tablespoons of cinnamon. Gently massage the mixture onto your face and leave it on for about 25 minutes and rinse the mask off with warm water.


Kim Kardashian West Shares Birthday Wish to Hubby

Written by Briar Davis




Happy Birthday Yeezus! We all know that Mr.West won’t have a hard time

celebrating his 37th birthday this year. With a new baby, a beautiful wife, and so

many other achievements he is one lucky man. Wifey Kim K shared two adorable

pics via Instagram to express her newlywed love. A cute kissing photo from the

couple’s rendezvous in Paris read, “Happy Birthday to my husband and best friend

in the entire world! You have changed my life in more ways than you know! The way

you look at life inspires me! I love you so much!!!” Kim also shared a photo of a cool

“Yeezus” cake. Yumm! Can we please get some party pics?




What Kris Jenner REALLY thought about Jaden’s Batman Suit

Written by Tiara Harper


Kris Jenner shares with Huffington Post what she really thought about Jaden Smith’s outfit choice for Kim Kardashians and Kanye West’s Wedding. Jaden sported an all-white batman suit that turned a lot of heads and made a lot of on lookers want to ask the 15-year-old the simple question, “Why?”


Kris Jenner, mother of the beautiful bride Kim Kardashian, shared during an interview with Huffington Post that she thought the outfit was cool! Kris Jenner tells Huffington Live “…I thought it was just genius.” She adds that not only was the costume genius and cool, that it was actually quite beautiful and fabulous. Even though the reveal of his outfit made the internet world scratch their heads and squint their faces with confusion (really, who would think to wear a batman suit to such a star studded wedding!), everyone else was cool with it, too! “…it was almost like, ‘Oh, there’s Jaden in his Batman costume,‘” Kris spills, “It wasn’t like a crazy thing. It was actually really fun…”. Jaden was pretty much the comedy relief of the magical fairy tale wedding.


The reason behind the batman costume is unknown, but the concept could go in many directions. Batman is typically portrayed as a white guy with no actual super powers, draped in black. Maybe Jaden was feeling like a powerful black kid, who wanted to reverse the batman costume by making it white…or maybe he just wanted to be funny. Turns out that Jaden did end up saving the day for Kris Jenner after the wedding! Jaden offered Kris his costume shoes so that she wouldn’t have to return home in 7-inch heels that she wore to the wedding. Kris tells Huffington “He is the greatest kid in the world.” Jaden, you are definitely good in the Jenner’s book!


Miss USA Crowned; Fans are Disappointed

Written by Aundriel Potier


Miss USA 2013 Erin Brady crowned Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez Miss USA 2014 on last Sunday. The gorgeous queen in addition to her crown, had also earned a fourth degree black belt. Although Sanchez is an impressive beauty, many Twitter fans expressed disappointment that the curvy, “more normal” looking Miss Indiana did not make it past the semi-finals, according to E! online.

Miss Indiana, MeKayla Diehl, garnered support from Twitterverse for her more “normal” curvy, yet super-fit figure as compared to some of the slimmer ladies.


For me, this raises the age-old question, “What is normal?” Personally I feel that calling Diehl, “more normal,” sends out mixed messages. Are thinner girls, not “normal”? What about ladies thicker than, the beautiful, but still comparably (to the whole of American young women) thin Diehl? Are they not “normal”?

I love that E! highlighted this young woman for representing other body types with her appearance in the pageant, and I certainly understand Twitter’s favorable reaction to the former pageant consultant and radio DJ. I just feel that we should be careful of the use of the term “normal” particularly in a hyper-sensitive, social-media crazy world where words are misconstrued daily and many take offense to what others consider harmless.

My final thoughts on this: consult with your doctor, trusted therapist, loved one, God, or other higher power and most importantly yourself and be what you ultimately consider healthy and happy. If you feel good about yourself and accept your body and contribute to the world around you, I would call you “normal” and awesome!

What did you think of the pageant?



Product review: Bo-po The Five-Minute Manicure?!

It is possible with Bo-Po, a throwback Brush-On, Peel-Off nail polish–non-toxic and safe for kids. Best thing about this polish–it peels right off! Worst thing about this polish–it peels right off!

The polish advertises that it dries in one minute, but it takes about five to be dry enough for a smooth peel-off. However, as advertised, the polish does indeed peel right off. This feature makes it perfect to try a color for a few days such as a wild color you would not wear at work or a color for a specific event. However, I would not make this my manicure staple as the peel-off feature means the polish easily comes off and is not designed to last for longer periods of time. On the other hand, I can see it being great fun for a girls night in! Another plus, this nail polish is spill proof–I turned it over a few times with no accidents!

Bottom-line–I would purchase again for temporary, spill-proof, kid-safe color!



THE BABY IS HERE!!!! Ciara Gives Birth To Future’s Baby!

Ciara Gives Birth To Future’s Baby!


Sweet Ciara has finally given birth to her baby boy fathered by rapper and fiance, Future.The star was supposed to give birth to her first child later this month, but with all that dancing and walking she’s been showing us through her Instagram account her little bundle of joy could wait no longer.


The Rickey Smiley Show confirmed the mother’s healthy birth early this morning. We’re no stranger to Ciara’s adorable baby bump and her new mother glow. 

We are so happy for the engaged couple. We can’t wait to get a peek at the little guy! Who do you think the baby is gonna look like?


Written by Isis Nezbeth.




 Written by: Ashley Tyler


Stephenie Meyer’s had no idea that when she put pen to paper and began to write out her dreams, that her dreams would actually become a reality and to be completely honest, neither did Robert Pattison aka Edward Cullens.

            “”No one thought it was going to be a big deal,” Pattison said. “We thought it was going to be like Thirteen.”


It was in 2008, after Twilight hit theatres that we couldn’t stop hearing about either #TeamJacob or #TeamEdward, but one thing was apparent, Pattison would be a household name for years.

Although Edward doesn’t have a limit on his life, it seems that Pattison has other plans for his.

“I couldn’t do another Twilight movie,” Pattison, 28 said. “I’m too old.”

Pattison had no idea that Twilight would be as successful as it has been, creating not only one hit movie, but also going on to complete and star in the rest of the hit Twilight installments.


Twilight has opened up so many opportunities for 28 year old Pattison, including meeting his ex-girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart and locking in his A list celebrity status, but unlike Edward, time is not so kind to Pattison (although we still think it is).

 Pattison is very patient when he speaks about his time with Twilight, but he is now looking to move on with his career and has been getting involved with more artistically-inclined dramas.


Pattison is gracefully bowing out and making room for the younger generation to make a name for themselves


The Good, the bad and the ugly faces of the 2014 Billboard Awards

The Good, the bad and the ugly faces of the 2014 Billboard Awards

By:Aundriel Potier

Most stars put their best summertime face forward for this warm-weather awards show. Here are a few winners (and a few losers) in the category of “Best Makeup.” Who would you all give the award to? Who’d I miss?

JLo serves “I dream of Jeannie” realness in this red gown. Hey, the girl know what works for her. She achieves her legendary glow using natural blush and gloss and the expertly placed faux lashes we love her for.


Nicki hit us with the pretty scowl but her makeup artist should be smiling because Ms. Minaj looks like a doll. Loving this natural look on her. Get this look with a natural sunny blush like Taj Mahal by Nars or Peachy Keen by MAC.


Iggy Azalea gave me a nice surprise. I love the soft flush and full pink lip with her soft, uber blond waves. Her hair and makeup offer a simple contrast to the dramatic effect of her dress. To get Iggy’s lip, try Sephora’s Luster matte lip gloss in Pink Flush.


In this episode of when bad bronzer happens to good people…Kylie Jenner. When the face and body reflect two different shades, you should step away from the face color. Girls, you can avoid this two tone look and get a Sunkissed glow by dusting your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin with your bronzer after thoroughly mixing the color into your brush.


Normally, Carrie Underwood is all kinds of cute but this super dark eye with several layers of foundations to boot ages her. I would have loved to see this look with a lighter hand. Carrie simply does not require so much make-up.


Lorde, I know this is your look, but the alabaster skin, dead eyes and dark lip do not do it for me. I would love to see her in a more youthful, fresher look. You do not have to rock all black to be a deep artist, boo.



Paris Hilton’s Got The Googly-Eyes–GUESS WHO FOR?

Paris Hilton’s Got The Googly-Eyes–GUESS WHO FOR?

Guess who Paris Hilton had the googly-eyes for at Busta Rhymes’ birthday party Saturday night in Cannes? 


33-year-old Hilton (she’s looking great, by the way) is officially a cougar as E! shared earlier today. Apparently, she was spotted hopping into the lap of 20-year-old, Justin Bieber, while he was sitting on a throne. That wasn’t even the hot part though! Sources say Bad Boy Bieber was shirtless in all his ‘highness’. The party took place at Gotha Nightclub.


Who knows what this really means, but I’m glad Paris doesn’t let her age stop her from being on the prowl! She looks great for 33 years old and isn’t her most recent boyfriend, River Vliperi, like 22? Anyway, the hotel heiress must have had an excellent time with Bieber because sources also reported that Bieber and Hilton left the club together surrounded by an entourage. As a parting gift, Bieber entertained the mic to wish Busta a happy birthday.

Who knew–Paris is a Belieber. I wonder where things will go from here! I’ll be tuned in..

What do you think about Paris’ playful behavior with Justin?

XO, girls.



Written by Isis Nezbeth



Slave to the Gimmick-It wasn’t…Michael!

Slave to the Gimmick

by Tiara Harper


Last night, the highly anticipated Michael Jackson hologram performance made its debut on the Billboard Music Award Stage in Los Vegas and in the homes of millions. The almost lifelike image performed the new, high energy, and never before heard track, Slave to the Rhythm.  The performance was filled with all the requirements of a stellar Michael Jackson performance: screaming fans, fabulous dancers in theatrical costumes, and, of course, fire spitting across the stage. The performance had every ounce of potential to set the world ablaze, and stop time, but it was missing one, verrrry important component to make it incredible…Michael.


According to, the performance took 5 months to prepare. It’s amazing that they were able to keep the performance a secret for that long. It was probably kept well under wraps since the technology used for the performance was still being invented. The track performed on stage by the holographic figure was created way back in 1991 with L.A Reid and Babyface during the recording of Michael’s album, Dangerous. The updated track was produced by the legendary Virginia native producer, Timbaland. The stellar choreography used for the performance was created by Rich and Tone who, also, helped create the dance steps used on the iconic 1997 tour, HIStory. The choreographers were a part of every movement used for the hologram, from the hand angling to the tilt of holographic MJ’s head. Tone tells Billboard “The performance is ‘classic Michael’ but we put our own spice on it.”


The performance was well put together, no doubt about that. The music was strong and the presentation of the performance was solid. Although, the hologram was his image…although the hologram had his moves and mannerisms DOWN PACT…it was not Michael. This performance was the epitome of the constantly stated phrase, “often imitated, but can never be duplicated”. Die-hard Michael Jackson fans know he took everything he created seriously, he was a perfectionist.  The excitement surrounding the performance was fun. It was fun to think, to believe, that we would have another glimpse of the King of Pop on stage YET AGAIN. However, as great as the performance was, it just wasn’t good enough. It wasn’t…Michael.


3 Things the BBMA’s Were Missing

3 Things the BBMA’s Were Missing

by Tiara Harper


The aftermath of one of music’s biggest award nights is upon us. Celebs and bloggers across the web are scrolling through hashtags, tweets, and ‘gram posts for hits, misses, and memes from the ceremony. The show had a few great things to offer the viewers. It offered fabulous attire from some of our favorite ladies like the Jenner sisters, the spicy Latin superstar Shakira, and the first woman to receive the Icon Award, Jenifer Lopez. It offered awesome acceptance speeches from our favorite musicians like Justin Timberlake, who shared his thanks with every human being on the planet earth for his award, except the now infamous being Donald Sterling (that guy will never work in this planet again. Thanks, Justin!). It also offered incredible performance from a host of chart topping artists from Lorde, Miley Cyrus, and Mr. Hopeless Romantic, Robin Thicke.

However, there were a handful of things missing from the show that should be addressed. These missing components may be what would’ve made this award show worth the 2 hours, maybe.


More Artist Variety: Yes, it is understood that the Billboard Music Awards shines the spotlight on the movers and shakers of the music scene, but there are far more artist that could’ve found a spot on the Billboard stage last night. Indie artists like The Black Keys or Aloe Blacc would’ve been great additions to last night’s show. There was also room for more hip hop. There were not a lot of hip hop competitors on the stage or on the voting ballot! The 30 seconds of Snoop Dogg (er…Lion?) and 2 Chainz was just not enough. And no, Pitbull is not a valid form of hip hop in my book.

Controversy: No nip slips, no tumbles, nothing! The only hiccup I can think of was Kendall calling 5 Seconds of Summer by the group name One Direction. No one showed up to the show dressed like a piece of chicken or next to butt naked. Boo.

And my last complaint:


Excitement: There wasn’t a lot of excitement from the show. A ton of the songs performed on the show have been played a thousand times over the airwaves with the exception of a few songs, like Robin Thicke’s “Get Her Back”. It was no fun watching them be performed. A large junk of award winners weren’t on the premises to accept their trophies, or even perform. Even the highly anticipated holographic performance of the greatest musician to ever perform didn’t stick. It was far better than a lot of the night’s performances, but it just wasn’t the “awe” factor that we were hoping for.

Were there some things that you thought the show was missing? Feel free to agree or disagree.


Beyonce and Jay-Z Coming To A City NEVER!! (VIDEO)

Beyonce and Jay-Z Coming To A City NEVER!!

By: Danielle Elaine


Well Well Well what do we have here?  The Carter’s have reclaimed their throne and have release a short film titled “RUN”. What a perfect way to end a week full of speculation and negative press. The Bonnie and Clyde themed film features major film screen players such as Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, the ever so handsome Jake Gyllenhaal, and Scandals very own Guillermo Diaz.


The film also features King Bey sexier and more racey than we’ve ever seen. The film is said to release “never”, and gives a glinting look at the chemistry and dynamic of Jay and Beys relationship. Seems like this was the perfect checkmate! Could the elevator fiasco have just been a ruse in preparation of the films release? Maybe it’s just the perfect close to a horrible media week. Either way, the film has us all shifting gears. Like the old adage goes, no press is bad press.


unnamed-417 unnamed-413 unnamed-414 unnamed-415



SHOTS FIRED: Tyler The Creator SHADES Iggy Azalea On “106 & Park,” Says She STINKS & A Has A Fake Booty



SHOTS FIRED: Tyler The Creator SHADES Iggy Azalea On “106 & Park,” Says She STINKS & A Has A Fake Booty

By: Kontrol Girl


Tyler the Creator threw some major shade at rapper Iggy Azalea during an interview with “106 & Park.” Find out what he said that has Iggy’s popping off Twitternties in a bunch inside. 

Rap group Odd Future hit up BET’s “106 & Park” yesterday and during their interview, they were asked to play a game where they had to choose between three female singers that they would marry, kiss or diss.


So the first line up of possible chicks were pop princesses: Rita Ora, Iggy Azalea (above performing on “Jimmy KimmelLive” this week) and M.I.A.


When it was Tyler the Creator’s turn to make his choice, he said,


“I don’t want Iggy cause she stink. She got shots in her thump. I want real booty, ya feel me. Aye, y’all agree right?”




Then the next line up was of female reality stars: Kim Kardashian, Mimi Faust and Paris Hilton.


Clearly not up-to-date on reality TV chicks, one of the guys asked, “Who is Mimi?” Then another answered…”Hey, wasn’t she born in the 50s?!”




Iggy got word of what Tyler said about her and took to her Twitter to respond to his antics tweeting:









Tyler the creator is beyond immature. I’ve always believed you had something more to offer the world, Shame to see you be so rude.



People that make enemies and talk shit about ppl they’ve never even said hi to trip me out. I see it all the time… Strange world.

Tyler, The Creator        ✔ @fucktyler



Tyler, The Creator        ✔ @fucktyler




Whats your take on this



Aundrea quits DK and confirms pregnancy (VIDEO)

Aundrea quits DK and confirms pregnancy (VIDEO)

By: Jerome


After a few days of speculation, Aundrea Fimbres confirms she is no longer a member of Danity Kane. Danity Kane recently kicked off their #NoFilter tour in San Francisco and during the show, an emotional Aundrea made the shocking announcement that she’s pregnant and is leaving the group.

But Aundrea fans don’t count her out just yet you can still catch Aundrea on the road with the girls but she won’t be performing the new songs with the group.

With all of the DK lineup changes and group drama they have overcome we’re sad to see her go, but we wish her new family the best.

If you haven’t check out DK’s new single “Lemonade” check it out right here


Watch What Happens Live - Season 11

Kenya Moore Finally Fired

Kenya Moore Finally Fired

By Shari Reese

Watch What Happens Live - Season 11

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore , 43, will be one of the newest cast members on the new season of the NBC reality show “Celebrity Apprentice” and had a spectacular fall-out with actress Vivica Fox during filming – in which she tweeted a message from Vivica’s phone complaining about the menopause.

The alleged tweet that has since been removed reads: ‘This menopause id (sic) killing me I cant think straight, Im acting a damn fool half the time 50 just isn’t sexy.’


According to sources, once Vivica, 49, realised that Kenya had done, she deleted the message, she erupted in fury, with one saying: ‘It was World War III on that set. Vivica cursed her out so bad that the entire set was speechless, even Kenya.

Moore reportedly also had blow-ups with fellow contestants, Cosby Show actress Keshia Knight Pulliam and Brandi Glanville.  Donald Trump blasted Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore as ‘the most evil woman I’ve ever met in my life’ before firing her on the Celebrity Apprentice.


Insiders claim ‘Kenya is rude and a holy terror to the crew. She demands special treatment and extra days off and refuses to use the show’s stylists. Instead, she brings in a huge entourage, and they’ve completely taken over the set.’

Claims also reveal she has become close with another reality star, Kate Gosselin, adding: ‘Given that they’re both overbearing divas, it’s kind of a shock that they’re so close. But, they’re tight and refuse to befriend anyone else’

Trump was reportedly left furious by Moore’s behaviour on the show during filming over the past few months and had truly had enough of her by the time it was time to fire her.

The new season’s Celebrity Apprentice cast include: snowboarder Jamie Anderson, talk show hosts Leeza Gibbons and Geraldo Rivera Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, comedian Gilbert Gottfried, comedian, 90210 actor Ian Ziering, baseball player Johnny Damon, Jonas Brother Kevin Jonas, actor Lorenzo Lamas, Sig Hansen from The Deadliest Catch and former football player Terrell Owens. NBC has not yet confirmed a date and/or time the new season will air.


OMG!! Michael Jackson Returns to the Stage!

Michael Jackson Returns to Stage!!
By Tiara Harper

The Billboard Awards airing this Sunday night have an insane variety of amazing artists set to hit the stage, but there is one guest that is sure to upstage them all; the King of Pop, Michael Jackson!


The plan is to recreate the incredible Tupac hologram that wowed the world at 2012’s Coachella Festival. However, someone is plotting to stop the historic moment all together!!!
photo 2
Alki David, rights holder of the hologram technology to be used to create the memorable performance, is in an uproar and has filed a law suit. David wants to stop the Billboards performance because it will ruin his intentions of a similar Michael Jackson performance he has planned for the future, according to TMZ.

The show will go on! Get ready for the stellar performance Sunday nightMay 18th!


Beyoncé Can’t Help Her Sister With This Hit!!

Beyoncé Can’t Help Her Sister With This Hit!!

By Ty Coleman


Beyoncé, Solange, and Jay-Z may have brought the gossip and theories to a minimum, but NYPD is raising a question whether Solange should be arrested and charged for assault.

According to, the 27 year-old singer could be in a heap of trouble after the elevator incident between her and Jay Z went viral. Apparently NYPD did not think the public announcement Beyoncé addressed on behalf of the three was enough to not press charges on her sister.


Top criminal defense attorney Michael Carnachia states, NYPD can definitely go after Solange for attacking Jay-Z. Also the Standard Hotel could be involved with charges too for providing her with the alcohol resulting in the family feud.

“If there’s evidence, then the police and the district attorney could bring a charge, even if no one presses charges,” Michael says. “It’s similar to a situation when the police come onto a scene and a woman has a cut nose but won’t say that her husband did it.”


 Although Jay Z has the option to press charges or not, NYPD may have to find an advantage to take matters into their own hands. The footage provided by TMZ may not be enough evidence because it was stolen, and Michael states it maybe a double standard because Solange is a woman.

“It’s also a factor that a woman is attacking a much larger man,” he says.

It’s a sticky situation and there maybe some tricks pulled from under the table for both the NYPD and family affair trio. I wonder if Solange is contemplating if Rachel Roy was really worth all of this madness. Early this week Wendy Williams told us Damon Dash ex-wife was the reason for the fight in the elevator. Rachel and Solange heated feud about Rachel flirting with Jay Z elevated to the fight in the elevator.

“Solange was defending Beyoncé in the elevator because Solange finds Jay’s friendship with Rachel to be WAY too close for comfort and it makes Solange very uncomfortable,” the source reveals. “Beyoncé also confronted Rachel and said, ‘Don’t talk to my sister like that,’ after [Rachel] confronted Solange.” also confirmed Rachel Roy and Jay Z do have a close relationship.


All this drama is just way too much, but Beyoncé and Solange PR team are great at confusing fans about what is going on their family through social media. Maybe this time they’ll promote Solange doing a community service event with NYPD?


Justin Bieber being Sued?

Justin Bieber being Sued?


More trouble in Bieberland! That’s right Bieleber’s… Justin Bieber has been sued! According to TMZ, A photographer is suing Justin Bieber with claims that Bieber’s bodyguard locked the photographer in a Subway restaurant and then injured him. All of these things happening the night that Justin Bieber was arrest for DUI. The photographer is Manuel Munoz and he is claiming that right before Justin Bieber was busted for Driving Under the Influence (of what we do not know exactly); Justin’s bodyguard chased the him down to a Subway, and cornered him in the bathroom. WEIRD! He also states that the body guard attempted to forcibly remove the memory card and demanded that Justin Bieber’s photos be deleted from his camera. Munoz also states in the suit that he had been punched and kicked during the altercation.


There is one major problem here! The things in the suit and the police report do NOT match up. Is this a stunt to have a come up. The police report states that Munoz only allocated a scratch on his knee due to tripping and falling. He also admitted to rustling with the bodyguard. ONE MAJOR problem with the lawsuit against Justin Bieber is that the Biebster was never present for this altercation. Talk about flawed story. The paparazzi photographer even attempted to negotiate money from the bodyguard by putting a price on the pictures. Oh well we will see how this story unfolds for Justin Bieber! Kontrol Girl will continue to give you the updates!

Whitney J.



All Hearts And Minds Clear: Jay Z and Beyoncé Says This is Family Business

All Hearts And Minds Clear: Jay Z and Beyoncé Says This is Family Business

By: Whitney Carter


Jay Z, Beyoncé and Solange released a statement today to shut the rumors about the cause of the fight that took place in the elevator on May 5, 2014 after the MET Gala. To sum it all up the Knowles/Carter family just wants you to move on from this situation. Just days after the release of the video and immediately being placed under the world’s scrutiny, the Carters, as a united front, released an exclusive statement to the Associated Press saying:


 “As a result of the public release of the elevator security footage from Monday, May 5th, there has been a great deal of speculation about what triggered the unfortunate incident. The most important thing is that our family has worked through it. Jay and Solange each assume their share of responsibility for what had occurred. They both acknowledge their role in this private matter that has played out in the public. They both have apologized to each other and we have moved forward as a united family.”

WELP! There you have it folks! The empire has spoken! Often times we forget that celebrities are people with feelings too. Yes, I know with the celebrity comes public judgment and scrutiny. I know Mrs. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is all about keeping the family business unwraps and has been pretty successful is putting on a face for the public. With the coming and anticipation of the “On the Run” tour, Beyoncé and Jay Z would like to put this fiasco behind them and continue to build on their brand! It would be nice if the media and fans would respect their wishes, in putting this out of the limelight but as far as news on it, Kontrol will continue giving you what’s new!


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s Love Child?

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber’s Love Child?

By:Tiara Harper


Speculation about Selena Gomez’s pregnancy can now be put to rest. Several sources show that Gomez’s reps confirm that the pregnancy rumors are, indeed, false.
For weeks, tabloids have been reporting that Selena was carrying Justin Bieber’s child, but we now know that this not the case. It was also rumored that, at the time of the rumors in 2012, Biebz PR team wanted to keep the alleged “pregnancy” and speculated “miscarriage” under the radar to protect the soon to become rebel’s “good kid” image.

The tabloids painted Selena as a naive girl, who thought that the so called “pregnancy” was a sign that her and Justin we’re going to be together forever & made it seem as if Justin was going to an absentee father if she was with child. Yikes! Where did these accusations come from??


You just never know what to believe these days! However, why did it take almost 2 years to reveal to the press that the pregnancy rumor was a sham? Selena, you and your team still have some explain to do!!


Rihanna A Cyber Bully? I’m Afraid To Go Out In Public After Rihanna MOCKED Me On Twitter!



Rihanna A Cyber Bully? I’m Afraid To Go Out In Public After Rihanna MOCKED Me On Twitter!


She is known as “prom bat girl” on Twitter for rocking a bat-like ensemble to her high school prom. The teen got what every Rihanna fan longs for on social media…a retweet. But she didn’t quite get the shoutout she was looking for.

A Baltimore teen says she’s now afraid to show her face in public after being “cyber bullied” by her former idol, Rihanna. 16-year-old Alexis Carter (atop) decided to take a page from fashion icon Rihanna’s book and went for a caped crusader styled look for her Hollywood themed prom, channeling RiRi’s Alexandre Vauthier Couture green jumpsuit at the 2010 ECHO Awards in Berlin.

At the time, it seemed like a good idea. She said she got many compliments from her friends gushing over the homemade designed look. But once she posted a pic of herself on Twitter…the trolls came out to mock her look. As her pic started to make it’s way around social media (with the hashtage #prombat), it caught the “Diamonds” singer attention.


Rih posted her pic twice to her Twitter account. In the first tweet Rih posted a picture of the teen alongside the Wu-Tang Clan’s symbol with the caption, “She gets it.”


In the second tweet, Rih posted a picture of herself in a green one-piece jumper with wing-like attachments alongside the teen’s batman styled one piece with the caption, “ :( “

Now the teen feels like she’s a victim of cyber bullying after her former idol posted those tweets. The Baltimore nativesays she’s offended that Rihanna would make fun of her (especially since she was trying to imitate her) and that she is afraid to show her face in public.

“I was very offended,” Alexis said of Rihanna’s tweets. “Why throw shade on it when you had on the exact same thing. The poses was different but the outfit wasn’t.”

She added,

“She [Rihanna] don’t love her fans like she says she does,” Alexis said.

First Rihanna’s IG is deactivated; now she’s being accused of cyber bullying on Twitter (even though plenty found her comments pretty damn funny). Should Rih just give up on social media…for a month or so?



DANITY KANE RETURNS with New Single, “Lemonade”



DANITY KANE RETURNS with New Single, “Lemonade”

They’re baaaack!

The ladies of Danity Kane have officially returned and they’re making sure all of their haters know it! Danity Kane just released their new single, “Lemonade,” featuring Tyga. Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day and Shannon Bex are said to be the only three women making up Danity Kane. The last band member, Aundrea Fimbres, is allegedly M.I.A. from the new project. The cover (which is adorable, by the way) only shows three little girls on it, but there’s no official word on whether or not Aundrea has left the group.

Either way, the group is definitely making a comeback with their new single, “Lemonade,” which I, for one, find pretty catchy. The song features a sample of The Clipse’s “Grindin’,”–classic. The trio gives the ‘sweet and sexy’ ideal a break as they attack the track produced by the Stereotypes (who also produced “Damaged”). So why “Lemonade,” you ask?  The ladies sing:

“Ohh, these haters got a sour head look upon their face / Lemonade, lemonade, lemonade, lemonade / Ooh, they lookin’ so thirsty / They might just need a drink..”

They’re certainly not being quiet about their comeback with or without the last member. So, it’s safe to say we can expect some big things from the trio. I wonder if they’re implying that Aundrea might need a little lemonade–who knows?  Anyway, we’re all looking forward to it, ladies!

Check out Danity Kane’s new single, “Lemonade,” featuring Tyga.




Friday evening while court side at LA Clippers playoffs against OKC, Bad Gyal RIRI got mixed up with the LAPD! In an attempt to show support for the L.A. Police Foundation, Rih agrees to take a selfie with LAPD Commission Chief, Steve Soboroff.  Soboroff tweets that the singer dropped his phone while trying to take their picture in their Blue LAPD bracelets. To make amends Rihanna agreed to donate 25,000 to the LA Police Memorial Foundation for the families of fallen officers, and the LAPD Cadet Program. She also signed the Chiefs broken phone, “I  ❤️LAPD”, and it is currently on eBay at 14,700.00. Both the Chief and Rihanna took to twitter to highlight the nights events. Rih tweeted “sorry I broke your phone”, while Soboroff shared the news of the pop stars generosity. Looks like Rih jut bought herself a $25,000 get out of jail free card next time she is in town!

Our favorite Bad Girl has been making headlines lately for her racey lui pictorials. She even got her IG deleted over it! Despite all the havock she causes Rih has proven her heart is in the right place.  Can’t tell Rih once a good girl has gone bad she’s gone forever.

Written by: Danielle Elaine


Jenny From The Block J.LO Voices Out About Jay And Solange Altercation (Video)

Jenny From The Block J.LO  Talks About Jay And Solange Altercation (Video)


The world has literally been on pause in speculating what went down between Jay Z and Solange, but J Lo says the world probably will never know. Paying a visit to Hot 97 very own Angie Martinez to promote her new album ‘A.K.A.’


Jenny from the block talked about the public’s fascination with celebrities lives and drama and how we see things.

Jlo qoute- “What I do know about being in the public eye is that you never know the real story and you never will unless somebody decides to share it,” she said. “People are just nosy,” “And you just gotta know that when you’re in this business and just roll with the punches.”


She even went out to say wouldn’t you want to know what the reason for the fight was for.

Also during her visit J. Lo also talked about her big booty which has made many a headlines all the time, so much so that she has a new song titled ‘Big Booty’ which will be on the album. Check out what Jenny from the Block had to say..






Jaden Smith Stirs Up the Pot on Younger Sis Willow?

Jaden Smith Stirs Up the Pot on Younger Sis Willow?

By: Ramzie


Jaden Smith and Kylie Jenner are adding some more  fuel to the controversy surrounding his younger sister Willow and their mutual friend Moises Arias. If we recall Willow was laying on Moises leg while he was shirtless. (Pictured Below)


Well lets go back a little with this new photo of  Jaden and Kylie which has resurfaced after being posted online a few weeks ago of these two. 

In the black-and-white pic Jenner, 16, posted to her Tumblr page April 25, Smith, 15, sits wearing only a backwards cap and Calvin Klein boxers while he smiles with his mouth slightly open and eyes shut. Jenner is sitting behind straddling him and grinning.

“*Ksss* Ahhh … 2014,” she captioned the pic.

And if we recall we have to point out that there is nothing sexual about that photo, just like Jada Pinkett Smith previously pointed out about the other photo. So was Willow just following in her brothers footsteps and reenacting that picture.

“(It was) just for fun,” a source close to the teens told Us Weekly. “They both love to take photos and enjoy being creative with their shots. They are like family, brother and sister, and there is nothing sexual about the photo.”




Danity Kane Member Is Threaten And Involved In A Hit-And-Run!

Danity Kane Member Is Threaten And Involved In A Hit-And-Run

By: Ramzie


Previous Kontrol Magazine cover model Aubrey O’Day had a rough Cinco de Mayo not only did her BMW get  involved in a hit-and-run, but she got threatened by the people who did the hit and run.


It has been reported that an law enforcement source said O’Day was a passenger in her own vehicle on Cinco de Mayo and that  Shannon Bex was driving (also another member of the group Danity Kane) when a SUV colladed into her  BMW while they sat at a red light. The impact was bad enough to cause $10K in damages.

You asked how so? Well we’re told the black Buick Enclave rode halfway up her hood before the driver floored it and beat a hasty retreat.  Aubrey and Shannon  went to a hair salon the following day  spotted the phantom Enclave.

When noticing the vehicle they took a few pics of the SUV for evidence, well when the driver came out and confronted them.It was told the driver allegedly went inside the salon, was waving a heavy metal object and then asked the women,

“Do we have a problem here, ’cause we can take care of it now.”
The girls filed a police report and cops are investigating.

Kontrol Girl will keep you update on this interesting case.


Breezy Could Be Released In A Few Days?

Breezy Could Be Released In A Few Days?

By: Ramzie


     Breezy AKA Chris Brown  has just been sentenced to spend another 4-plus months in jail  for violating his probation in the Rihanna case ,but he could be released by week’s end. Breezy was in court Friday afternoon where he admitted he violated his probation by fighting with a dude in Washington D.C. 
Apparently that’s all the judge needed to hear.  So he sentenced Chris Brown to 1 year in jail.  But taken into consideration that Chris brown has down time and rehab, Chris got credit for 116 days he spent in rehab, and another 59 days behind bars.  That leaves 131 days if counted correctly.

But  L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept has been releasing inmates sentenced to 1 year after 240 days.  And if we do the math correctly if Chris gets credit for 2 days for every 1 he served behind bars, and when you add it up, he has credit for 234 days — 6 days.  So he could be released in days.

Chris Brown appears in court for a hearing at the Criminal Courts in Los Angeles
The judge could have gone a lot harder  4 years in prison.  But Chris got a break because the judge took into account he was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, which could account for some of the numerous actions. The judge has also ordered Chris to attend therapy sessions with a shrink 2 times a week.   And he must submit to random drug testing 3 times a week. But Chris is not out of the legal cases because his Washington D.C. assault trial is set to start in the following month. We wish Breezy the best of luck!!


“Maleficent” will be MAGNIFICENT!

You’ve heard the story, read the tale, and by now even seen the movie adaptations of Sleeping Beauty. Princess Aurora, as a baby, is cursed by the Queen of Evil, a dark fairy known as “Maleficent.” At the age of sixteen, she will prick her finger on a spindle and fall into a death like sleep, and can only be awakened if she is kissed by a prince. Nothing new, huh? You would be wrong. This latest release from Disney delves into the origins of Maleficent. Who is she? Where did she come from? What is she? Why is she so evil? All these questions and more will be and more will be answered in this blockbuster film.


Megastar, Angelina Jolie, is Maleficent and unsurprisingly she is deliciously delightful and wicked as The Supreme Empress of Darkness. “Maleficent” is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of the year. Whereas, superheroes and sequels routinely dominate the Big Screen they will soon be bowing down to a queen–albeit a really scary one! The trailers for this film are nothing short of spectacular. It is very easy to tell where most of the budget went–besides wardrobe! “Maleficent” will be nothing short of “MAGNIFICENT,” so be sure you stay in the know and check out this sensational film. i think you will find you’re never really too old for a spin on your favorite fairytale! Check out all the magic, mystery, and mayhem on May 30th!

Bring Back Our Girls



Written By: Whitney J.


Imagine waking up for school, with the thought of final exams and graduation. Imagine being in your bed and going over what you have studied hard and long for. Now imagine getting awaken from your sleep from gunshots close by and when you see men with armor you think you are going to be saved, only to find out that they are kidnapping you. This is exactly what nearly 300 Nigerian girls experienced that fateful night in their school’s dormitory.


Now three weeks later nearly 276 girls are still missing. The Islamic group Boko Haram, kidnapped these girls on the back of their pickup truck and vanished into the forest area. A 16 year escapee speaks of taking the moment that was presented to her and running free. When one of the vehicles involved in the kidnapping she took off! I can only imagine not being kidnapped with no hopes of ever seeing my family again.


The girls are now being threatened to be sold for a little as $12 to be wives of the men who kidnapped them and involved with the group. Their family is diligently searching for the girls but feeling discouraged by the lack of support from their government. There is hope that the girls could be returned for a ransom but no specific amount has been announced. Let us all ban together with prayers, faith, support and hope and scream to the mountain tops #BRINGBACKOURGIRLS !!





By: Ramzie


OH LORD JESUS ITS A FIRE!!!!!! Diggy Simmons is no longer the little boy we saw  on the MTV reality show, “Run’s House.” And he’s no longer the rapping what 14-year-old boy we knew five years ago rapped about. He is a  grooowwwnnnn man now! After making a hit on the charts with his 2012 debut album, Unexpected Arrival, Diggy Simmons is back…and boy oh boy is has he grown up! The 19-year-old cutie is following in the footsteps of Trey Songz, and has signed on to Calvin Klein’s #MyCalvins social media campaign. What does that mean? We may see a lot more of these shirtless selflies! That would be lovely huh? Diggy has also just released his first official single from his untitled sophomore effort. “My Girl” features singer Trevor Jackson (Zendaya Coleman’s ex boo), and it finds Diggy attempting to swoon a potential lover who’s been hurt by boyfriends past. Check the video out below with more selfies.


Diggy-Simmons-2 Diggy-Simmons-4 Dggy-Simmons


Rihanna Takes Off And Then Goes Off At JFK Airport


Usually Rihanna is more than cozy with her fans allowing them to grope her body up and down, but this time something is a tad different. The starlet was arriving to JFK Airport and flipped on an excited fan that was rushing her way for fan pic.

That moment was her absolute breaking point where the artist clearly said for all ears to hear “Give me a minute. Jesus Ch***!” The fan then shocked by her reaction stood there with an awkward reaction atop of the flight of stars.

As her bodyguard continues to lead the way she is informed that her car hasn’t arrived yet. Fenty then appears to have the stare of death in her eyes for all papz to see and all fans to fear. Currently, no one knows what had the bajan singer so livid, but it must have been something highly serious. (We Hope)

Previous pictures show the singer in a good mood leaving Detroit as she was rehearsing for her Monster Tour with Eminem.

Could this be from all the rumors surrounding the Carter family?

Either way it’s apparent that Rihanna is not having it whatever it is. At the same time everyone is entitled to having a bad day or not have happy moment. Further on she didn’t sign any autographs or snap any requesting shots with the vying fans.

Lets hope when the Monster Tour starts premiers on August 7 in Pasadena, California all is well.

article-2710365-201E425C00000578-663_306x708 article-2710365-201E438C00000578-507_306x708 Screen-Shot-2014-07-30-at-5.27.54-PM-700x383 Screen-Shot-2014-07-30-at-5.29.38-PM-700x381



#Kontrolyourbody with this tasty Recipe!

Have a sweet tooth that can’t be contained? Are you in need a sweet fix and nothing sounds better than a nice bowl of ice cream with crushed vanilla Oreo’s on top? Sugar, spice and everything #yumtastic? Curb that sweet fix with my take on a favorite childhood snack…CHEX MIX! Yes, I said it! Who does not love Chex Mix? Its crunchy, sweet, salty, and most essentially healthier than the occasional snacks we all enjoy eating. Yesterday I came home from the gym and packed my lunch for work. I wanted a sweet fix at the end of my meal and then the idea popped into my head. CHEX MIX! Here is my recipe for this sweet take on a retro snack.


The key to Chex Mix is adding ingredients that you love to eat. Some may include dried fruits such as raisins, dates, apricots, apples, etc. That will help take care of the sweet part. Next, you want to add some crunch! This is an important part of the snack hence the name. Chex Mix cereal, nuts, pretzels, etc are perfect for this. Now to step it up a notch. You can incorporate things that can add a little perk to your snack. I love to use white chocolate chips, chocolate covered pretzels, M &M’s, etc and other things of that nature. Add your favorite items into a bowl, mix and enjoy. Shake up your snack time with this classic treat.


#Kontrolyournetwork! Ladies who Brunch Atlanta: A recap of the Royal Tea Affair at the Biltmore

Written by: Aundriel Potier

Dayira “DayyBella” Jones of Bella Bar Tees and Bianca Rush of Sassy Mitchell Hair hosted their annual Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta: A Royal Tea Affair at the Georgian Ballroom located at the beautiful Biltmore hotel in downtown Atlanta. These two young CEOs created a platform for young female business owners (or aspiring business owners) to network and gain inspiration from other successful, established female entrepreneurs. This year, the illustrious panel included music/media mogul Kandi Burruss, model maven Cynthia Bailey, reality TV star and shoe designer Emily B, popular celebrity blogger Necole Bitchie and celebrity makeup artist Latasha Wright.

All of the panel shared stories of how they acquired their fame and thriving businesses. However, the event climaxed when the ladies answered questions about their actual process for starting to live their dreams. Necole Bitchie inspired me when she touched on how radios stations told her ‘no’ time and time again so she gave herself two weeks to put together a business plan for herself. The pioneering blogger then put her plan in action, posting to the web about celebs and events and garnering a following using social media. Necole allowed herself one year to work this angle and then go back to those radio stations with the experience they said she lacked. However when the year was up, she did not need to go back—she was already doing what she loved.

The panel also offered priceless advice for finding a mentor, working for someone else and working for yourself. Emily B made an important distinction in how she handles herself as the star of the event and how she handles herself when working as a stylist. The Love and Hip Hop NY star stated that she does not take pics or go for the mike when she styles; she knows she is there to work. The Real Housewives of Atlanta “housewives”, Kandi and Cynthia, also provided great examples of knowing when to partner with someone and when to part ways with someone.

Overall, the coordinators beautifully decorated the already breath-taking ballroom and offered a great opportunity for young women to fellowship and lift each other up. The event did lag a bit, especially during seating and serving but this just gave the women more time to mingle, which was the best part of the whole thing anyway. Events such as Ladies who Brunch Atlanta offer young businesswomen an invaluable opportunity to meet like-minded people and build networks.

Kontrol-Magazine-ladies-who-brunch-Atlanta-00034 Kontrol-Magazine-ladies-who-brunch-Atlanta-00062 Kontrol-Magazine-ladies-who-brunch-Atlanta-00050 Kontrol-Magazine-ladies-who-brunch-Atlanta-00054

new ja

Jessica Alba: stunning look at the Comic-Con 2014!

By Florie Buerki

Wow! Did you see Jessica Alba’s look at Comic-Con International 2014 this last Saturday? Of course you did, could anybody have missed it?

The 32-year-old actress showed up at the event taking place in San Diego to promote the movie “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for” with the rest of the crew.
Alba wore an amazing skirt from Zimmerman with floral print and mesh strips paired with a Tanya Taylor black bandeau top. Even the 
 were matching her high-waist skirt!  
jessica alba hair style (1)
Her fake half-head-shaved hair style made with a side-braid gave her a femme fatale but sophisticated look.
jessica alba earrings (1)
No necklace, simple spiky earrings, a discrete bracelet and a few rings, Alba did not need to add much to her outfit to look fabulous!

jessica alba final pic (1)
What are your thoughts about Jessica Alba’s look? Would you wear it? Would you rather complete the ensemble with plain, black sandals?

Back-to-School Boot Camp

by Tiara Shae


Most of you guys are already back in school, while others are patiently waiting (and possibly dreading) the first day of school! Either way, it’s never too late to start a new health regimen! Here are a few exercises that will keep you fit for school.


Cardio Crash Course: Grab your music player and hit the neighborhood park or gym! This tip should be fun for music lovers that get bored easily when exercising. Start off you cardio with a brisk walk during the verse of a song. When the chorus comes in, walk faster if you’re a beginner and run if you’re more advanced! Continue this pattern for the remainder of your cardio crash course, which should be about 15 to 20 minutes in length.



Crunch-less CORE-iculum: Engage your core! Grab a medicine ball and sit down on a mat. With your feet planted on the floor, lean back just a little until you feel a tad bit shaky. While holding the medicine ball, begin to twist your upper body slowly from left to right. If you’re strong enough, lift your feet off the ground just a little to make the move more challenging. These are called Russian roulettes and you should do 3 sets of 15 reps.


Fail-Proof Froggers: This exercise hits everything: Arms, legs, core, and even cardio depending on speed. Start by standing straight up. Squat down to the floor and let both your hands touch the ground. Jump back into plank position, then jump back into your low squat. Hop back up to standing position and do it all over again! 3 sets of 10 should do the trick!

Check back in with Kontrol Girl & Kontrol Mag for more Back To School Boot Camp!


Miley Cyrus Heads Back to the Studio

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin


Last summer was devoted to Miley Cyrus and her outrageous antics with her hit single, “We Can’t Stop”. Word on the street states that she’s ran back in the studio with her musical soul mate and rumored boyfriend Mike Will Made It. The two share a musical chemistry that is highly obvious, but the potential love affair is still somewhat in question.


In reference to her upcoming album Cyrus stated, “On my last record, everything we did was with computers. But they’re real musicians – they can change keys on a whim. I’ve never seen anything like it. They’ve had me on this journey that’s greater than anything I’ve been on. It’s really deep.”Looking back at her previous album Bangerz the artist devoted the craft to party music with of course some reflections to her past failed relationships. Looks like this time around she’s going deeper. No one can forget her emotional journey with “Wrecking Ball”, which had all eyes on her. The visuals with the video alone had the entertainer in the nude sitting a top of an actual wrecking ball.


Mike Will Made It even went as far as confirming their speculations of jumping back in studio on twitter. He retweeted, @AplussPRODUCER: Cookin wit family… @MikeWiLLMadeIt @MileyCyrus” no food.


Looks like this time Cyrus is about to have some truth pouring out left and right. Hopefully the public will take her a little more serious. After all, her last album was fixed around the discovery of self and the death of Hannah Montana. Lets keep our eyes open and see where Miley is heading with this one.


Miley 4

Miley Cyrus: Singer, Actress, and Tattoo Artist!?

By Ty Coleman



The well-known singer Miley Cyrus does it all; singing, actress, twerker, and now a tattoo artist? Miley Cyrus and her assistant Cheyne Thomas tattoo each other, but Miley manages to only give Thomas a very simple tattoo.

Miley 1 Miley 2


The caption read ‘BIEW’ which is the assistants’ nickname; Cheyne who was a former Starbucks employee before being hired as her assistant. I wonder if he makes her Frappuccino’s too? Anyways Miley managed to give Cheyne a smiley, then it was her turn where we see BIEW working on the pop singers ankle.

Miley 3


Looks like Miley is enjoying her break from her raunchy Bangerz World Tour, twhicg last took place place in Amsterdam on June 22.  Miley has been relaxing at home before the next tour date beginning  on August 1 in Long Island, New York. The tour seems very entertaining and includes very interesting wardrobe selections. Such as, furry friends and over the top props such as dancers riding a giant hot dog. For example, the former Hannah Montana star wore a designer fur coat, captioning the photo ‘Chanel and zit cream

Miley 4


After Los Island, New York the tour will continue in Mexico, Brazil, and Australia before taking a chill pill on October 23rd.



Hope the Wrecking Ball singer enjoys her tour and hopefully she posts a photo of the tattoo BIEW did for her.



#Kontrolyoureducation: Are you ready for Fall Semester?

This blog is dedicated to my freshmen class of 2014. Whether you are staying within your state or traveling to further your education, #kontrolyoureducation with these easy tips that can make your semester a breeze. Not to mention, its imperative to have a check list for first time college goers. Buckle up and hit the gas, its time to go back to school!

If you are nervous about your first day, don’t be! It’s perfectly natural. I was a nervous rec the first day of class. I was not sure what building to go to and where to look at for my next class. If you are confused about the locations on your campus, ask your Residential Advisor, or RA for some help. They will happily assist you.


There are some things that are mandatory when going to college for your freshman year. Here is a quick run down:

  • Soap/shampoo/conditioner: At some point, a shower is required! Having your favorite body wash and hair products is always a plus.
  • Sheets: You get a bed but it is not made for you! You must provide your own bed dressing. Unless you enjoy sleeping on a mattress!
  • Shower Shoes: Since you will be using a public shower/bathroom, its smart to have some shower shoes so you won’t end up with an itch you can not scratch!
  • Laptop: This is an item that is necessary for class and those papers you will write in English 1101. Make sure its light enough to carry for those trips to the library, yet powerful enough it last your college experience.
  • Mini refrigerator: This item is not needed but definitely useful! Usually on the weekend, the cafeteria at school is not serving the best food so it’s always a good idea to have your own!
  • Plenty of school supplies: This includes pens, paper, pencils, a calculator and what ever you feel you may need to become successful in your classes.
  • Lip Gloss/Makeup: Who said you could not go to class with style? Make sure your face is beat to keep the boys on their toes!


Take my advice, college is what you make it and it should be one of the best experiences in your life. Now go ahead, make your parents proud and strive for excellency.


#Kontrolyoureducation: Are you ready for Fall Semester?

This blog is dedicated to my freshmen class of 2014. Whether you are staying within your state or traveling to further your education, #kontrolyoureducation with these easy tips that can make your semester a breeze. Not to mention, its imperative to have a check list for first time college goers. Buckle up and hit the gas, its time to go back to school!

If you are nervous about your first day, don’t be! It’s perfectly natural. I was a nervous rec the first day of class. I was not sure what building to go to and where to look at for my next class. If you are confused about the locations on your campus, ask your Residential Advisor, or RA for some help. They will happily assist you.


There are some things that are mandatory when going to college for your freshman year. Here is a quick run down:

  • Soap/shampoo/conditioner: At some point, a shower is required! Having your favorite body wash and hair products is always a plus.
  • Sheets: You get a bed but it is not made for you! You must provide your own bed dressing. Unless you enjoy sleeping on a mattress!
  • Shower Shoes: Since you will be using a public shower/bathroom, its smart to have some shower shoes so you won’t end up with an itch you can not scratch!
  • Laptop: This is an item that is necessary for class and those papers you will write in English 1101. Make sure its light enough to carry for those trips to the library, yet powerful enough it last your college experience.
  • Mini refrigerator: This item is not needed but definitely useful! Usually on the weekend, the cafeteria at school is not serving the best food so it’s always a good idea to have your own!
  • Plenty of school supplies: This includes pens, paper, pencils, a calculator and what ever you feel you may need to become successful in your classes.
  • Lip Gloss/Makeup: Who said you could not go to class with style? Make sure your face is beat to keep the boys on their toes!


Take my advice, college is what you make it and it should be one of the best experiences in your life. Now go ahead, make your parents proud and strive for excellency.


Justin Bieber Hits Us With a Beyoncé Move

Well, we didn’t get a whole album with videos from the star, but Justin did drop some songs on us Wednesday night completely out of nowhere! If you’ve been craving some new tunes from the star, he just gave you everything you needed to hold you over until an official drop of music! Justin took to Instagram to tease us with an album’s worth of songs in eleven 15-sec clips, and we are most certainly not mad! If this is the sound of what we can expect from Bieber for his upcoming project, we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Justin must’ve been feeling pretty generous to hit us with something like this, and we are so thankful. We’ve never been so happy about clogged feeds! He didn’t caption most of the clips, so we don’t know whether or not these songs are going to be on an upcoming album. For right now, we’re fine with listening to these teaser clips for our sonic enjoyment! Justin has us amped for more now, so we’re sure he’ll be delivering some sonic goodies for us in the near future!

Make sure you all check out the clips of the sonic goodies Justin’s been working on! From what we’re hearing in the clips, this sound from Justin is going to be something you all are going to love!

Have you heard the clips yet? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think of Justin’s new music!

Written By: Shatay Speights

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