Ariana Grande’s OUTRAGEOUS Tour Prices

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin


It turns out that reports are formulating left and right calling Ariana Grande quite the diva nowadays. This isn’t for her major pipes, but her restricted long list of banned questions. For example, if you even think of asking her about Big Sean, Break Ups, Mariah Carey, and her grandfather think again because its not going to happen.


The “Problem” songstress has recently released her tour dates and tickets for officially for sale. Lets just say parents and fans of all ages are not so pleased with the prices.


Now that she’s promoting her newly released album, My Everything nothing seems to stopping the diva on the rise. This includes her outrageous prices that are hitting $500 to meet and greet. Yup, chicka is breaking pockets and not apologizing for it. Somehow we’re sure that she’ll be breaking into the Forbes List in no time. Keep in mind this will be her first official worldwide tour. With the VIP #GetClose package you’ll be able to sit within the first 15 rows, join the pre-party with her back up dancers, and a signed photo. Most importantly fans won’t get individual shots. Yup, you heard that right. These will be group shots with a minimum of 4-6 people per pic. Is this real divatude?


As records show Katy Perry does individuals. Miley Cyrus does individuals. Even Britney does individuals. What’s Grande really trying to say?


Well for one we may not be hitting the back stage, but we’ve got to admit a sit in the audience will be “Everything”. Before she’s ruining credit scores like Beyoncé this show is a must see!


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As a New Jersey native it came as no surprise when Sebastien, birthed a knack for talking and writing. During his college days the young blogger gained experience through international talkers such as The Maury Show and The Mo’nique Show. After years of interning and assisting the aspiring journalist threw caution to the wind and launched The Gay Bestie, LLC.  


The lifestyle and culture company provides a different spin on love, sex, relationships, and fashion.  #TGB focuses on the 21st Century woman and her loyal companion, other known as the gay bestie. Readers will find discussions that are usually held behind closed doors placed in the forefront to totally meet the needs of all. No, topic is ever off limits.


So ladies brace yourselves because Sebastien is taking you places where you’ll be sure to blush and share a laugh! He’s giving exactly what’s been missing. Grab you’re favorite beverage (i.e. red wine), sit back, and prepare to gab about this with your girlfriends the minute you see them.

Lupita Nyong’o and Elmo Loves The Skin They’re In



Academy Award winning Lupita Nyong’o is still reeling off a very successful streak.   Awards, magazine features, and accolades for her skills as an actress, the glowing, brown-skinned beauty has a lot to be thankful for.  She, however, took some time from her busy schedule to visit the only place where the air is sweet; Sesame Street.

Lupita teamed up with everyone’s favorite red and furry ball of adorableness, Elmo, to teach an important lesson on loving the skin you’re in.

Elmo: ‘Elmo sees that Miss Lupita’s skin is a beautiful brown color.’

Lupita: ‘That’s the thing I love most about skin, Elmo. Skin comes in lots of beautiful shades and colors.’

E: ‘[My] skin is a beautiful red. You know what, Lupita? Elmo loves the skin he’s in.’

L:  ‘Me too. I love my skin!’

lupita and elmo

Watch the full video here!

Who better to teach this lesson that Lancôme new spokesperson?

Kudos to Lupita and Elmo for teaching such a great and necessary message to the younger generation! Self-esteem and self-acceptance are daily struggles for some. A little reminder of how awesome and unique you are is always a plus.

If no one told you today, you’re beautiful and special! You’re so special,  there’s only one you in this whole wide world. Never forget that!

Miley Cyrus has buns, hun!

Miley Cyrus1

The guy’s face to her right is giving me everything right now.

Oh, Miley Cyrus.  What is the meaning of this?  They say a picture is worth a thousand words…and all of mine end with questions marks.

Miley chose to accessorize her concert attire with a huge prosthetic butt while performing at her Bangerz Tour Puerto Rico.

Miley Cyrus-bb

The twerking Wrecking Ball only informed the masses a few weeks ago that she’d given up twerking and was focusing on her music. While at the MTV awards she was asked about her music and Nicki Minah’s “Anaconda.”

On twerking and making music.

“I live to be in the studio, that’s my favorite part, is bunkering down, working on a record,” she continued. “This record might take me five years. I don’t know. I’m just going to work on it until I’m done.”

“It’s not about twerking — it’s about music.”

On Nicki Minaj.

“You know that a–, I ain’t got that a–…I can bring that body, I can bring that wrecking ball, but I can’t bring that a–…Not that Anaconda.”


Miley Cyrus2

Could Miley be taking a shot at Nicki by wearing the fake booty or is she just having fun?  You be the judge!


Katy Perry shines in Red on the October Issue of Harper’s Bazaar!

Who is not in love with Katy Perry? With her hit songs, great perfumes, trendy style and ever changing look, Katy is a golden goddess with a smile that can kill. I love her chocolate tresses that match her dazzling eyes. This cover girl takes the cake with the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. This was a match made in heaven; a successful singer/songwriter with a down to Earth spirit, that is still carefree yet beautiful inside and out. Since her arrival with the hit song “I kissed a Girl” this singer has been on the rise and her altitude continues to get larger.


The shoot for Harper’s Bazaar focused on a color that is strong yet timeless. Red was the star in front of the camera too and allowed Katy to burn up each frame with ease. With the help of a natural landscape, you can really feel the romance in the photos. For this issue, Katy sat down and discussed her past relationships, love, therapy, and being the boss of her own career/brand. To be honest, she is doing a wonderful job! The 29-year-old is focused on becoming a mogul and staying true to who she really is. Not to mention, rocking the hottest must have’s for this season looked amazing on her frame. How do you feel about Katy’s cover? Kontrol Girl salutes you Katy for your wonderful energy and your amazing neck line you exposed on the cover.



Morgan Freeman will star in “Ted 2”




Seth mcfarlane, the producer of “Ted” (and every other series you watch on television) reportedly wanted a high-profile actor to star in the upcoming sequel of the popular comedy film alongside Mark Wahlberg. So, he went for the guy who has a long, respected resume: Morgan Freeman. “Ted 2” has begun filming in Boston. There hasn’t been any loose lips about the story line of the sequel but, we do know that Morgan will be playing a civil rights lawyer who helps Ted get out of a little trouble. With the success of the first “Ted” movie, we can bet that Mr. Freeman will have another box office banger under his belt.


French Montana and Khloe Kardashian are OVER??

Today, E! News confirmed that the popular couple have split. E! News released a statement reading, “For all intents and purposes, Khloe is single.” They also added, “Khloe think he’s a great guy, but it just wasn’t working out.” The waters seemed pretty steady as the couple was spending tons of time together. French helped Khloe bring in her 30th birthday with her friends and family, she also appeared in French’s “Don’t Panic” music video, and the two have been seen countless times event hopping around New York. French will also be appearing in the season premiere of the Kardashian’s series “Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons” on E!. Can you say awkward? Although, I am sure nobody pictured this lasting forever anyway. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.



But wait, Khloe did post this interesting picture of a quote on Instagram a few days ago:

“Maybe one day we’ll find that place where you and I could be together. And we’ll catch our dreams within the waves of change,” she wrote. “So smile for me one last time and believe that we’ll meet again. Until then, I’ll be missing you.- R.M Drake”


Maybe there is hope, but until then, I’m sure Khloe will have no problem finding a replacement!

temp (16)

Nicki Minaj Calls out CBS for Cutting her Fashion Rocks! Performance

Written by: Aundriel Potier


Nicki Minaj performed a noticeably toned down version of her infectious single “Anaconda” compared to her VMA performance last month and record breaking video. Yesterday she revealed to her fans that the performance we saw did not match the one she planned to execute.


“My darlingz, I wish you could’ve seen the choreography on the second verse of ANACONDA…absolutely divine…CBS decided not to show it,” the Trinidadian beauty shared via instagram.


Ouch! What’s more, the network chose not to inform Nicki prior to the live airing.  Minaj noted that fans were already tuned into show by the time she found out and had she known, she would have changed choreography to deliver a full show.

nicki-minaj-anacondaVMA NickiVMA (1) NickiVMA

Now if you happened to catch the VMAs on MTV a couple weeks ago, you might be able to guess what you missed on CBS. Further, tune into the Bootyful Barbie’s version of this song on Vevo; I am surprised it does not have an “18 and over” stamp attached.


Although, more primetime friendly, the Fashion Rocks! performance did not seem to be missing any buns to us though. Further, I wonder if what she had in store was more racy than the 2013 Billboard Awards lap dance we saw during the same time slot on ABC last year.

169081632 40332-last-night-at-the-billboard-music-awards-nicki-was-waynes-best-lap-dance-of-all-time.

We will not have to wonder too long as Nick promises fans will witness her new moves soon.


Photographs from Associated press, Vevo, and Nicki Minaj’s Instagram.



Ellen Degeneres Twerks For Nicki

Written by: Danielle Elaine

Just days ago Ellen opened her new season of her daytime talk show, debuting her ‘Anaconda’ visual remake. Below you can see Ellen twerking, and working alongside Nicki in the videos infamous chair set. The hilarious Degeneres, is adorned in velour sweat bands, knee high socks and booty shorts! Check out the insanely hilarious Ellen remake below!



Rihanna Rocks Alexander Wang for H&M Collection!

By Shatay Speights


Alexander Wang AND H&M?!?! Clearly, us fashion lovers are being spoiled. We are waiting on the edge of our seats for the collection to drop!

Apparently, being a fashion icon has its perks! But, when you’re a CFDA-certified style icon, you can pretty much do anything you want. Our favorite bad girl can always be seen around town in the hottest gear from our favorite designers—popular and underground. She was at Alexander Wang’s Spring 2015 presentation this week in New York sitting pretty on the front row, of course!

Rihanna was spotted out wearing pieces from the much-anticipated Alexander Wang x H&M collection, and it doesn’t even come out until November 6! We have to admit, she’s the perfect person to debut the collection. Who would do it better anyway!? This is the first glimpse of apparel we’ve seen from the upcoming collection, and this makes us pretty excited about what’s to come in November. This crop to and legging set is perfect for all of the sporty and athletic wear vibes we’ve been getting for the upcoming season. This teaser definitely has us on the edge of our seats. We can’t wait to get our hands on these pieces and pair them with some of our own closet faves!

Stay tuned for any more updates on the Alexander Wang x H&M collection! We’re excited about this one and hope you are too!

So what do you all think about the Rihanna’s look? What pieces are you expecting? Leave us a comment and let us know!



Girls Night In! How to shake up your traditional hang out with your best friends!

By: Jarius Tommillson

With so much pressure from social media and TV, consumers have a wide variety on how he or she should spend their down time. Whether it’s a lunch date with the girls, or hitting up the hottest lounge in Atlanta, people who live here always have the option to turn up or turn down. Instead of spending countless hours doing your hair, make up, and finding that perfect sexy dress that can stop a man in his tracks, why not settle for a girls night in? You may wonder..what is that? Well, I am here to tell you exactly what a girls night in is and how much fun you can have spending time with your circle who you adore. Not only does it help you save money and time, but can eliminate the extra B.S. that comes with going to the club.


For all my ladies out there I am pretty sure you all enjoy a relaxing day at the spa. With the warm massage oil and tranquil music, your worries are now disposed with the help of a strong grip. Instead of going out to the club, why not invite your close girl friends over and create a spa environment at home? Not only does it save money, but it really helps the relationship grow stronger. Try giving each other hot oil treatments for the hair to help with an itchy, dry scalp and performing a manicure/pedicure. To start the party, do not forget the wine/drinks, food, and facials. Your girls will have a blast and beg for the next event to be at their house.

Photo 15 Oct 2012 17-38

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