#Kontrolyournails with Fall 2014!

With the season changing, so should the things that keep you gorgeous too. This includes hair color, make up, shoes, and most essentially nails! With each season reveals scorching nail trends that are not only cute, but show stopping. Are you ready to take your nails to the next level with Fall 2014? Take full #kontrol of your nails and enter this season with grace and hands that display the hottest trends.


With the assistance of fall nail styles such as In the Nude, Simply Red, Gray Matter, Heavy Metal, or Work of Art, nails this season morph into metallic gems that are rare to mankind. Dare to be different with your nails show them off with pride. Whether you prefer a classic clean look or an antique painting on your fingertips, #kontrolyournails with an iron fist. Show the world who is the boss from your nails. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.



Get 2 Know: Fifth Harmony

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin


Girl groups have always been a fixture in the music industry and probably will always be. Although in the past few years there seems to have been a decline in successful female groups.  Recently, it looks like things are starting to change around. For example, the other night at the VMAS The Artist to Watch Award went to rising group Fifth Harmony. At the time a lot of the older viewers could only say, “who?” but these ladies are doing their thing. After releasing their lead single “Boss”, which was filled with plenty of catchy pop lyrics to entice listeners to sing along. These five ladies are on their way to take the world over pretty soon.


Similar to the Spice Girls nearly 20 years ago they are empowering women and encouraging a good time. The make up of the group is constructed with true vocalist who are belting out vocals reminiscent of En Vogue.


Fifth Harmony, consisting of members Ally Brooke Hernandez, 21, Normani Hamilton, 18, Dinah Jane Hansen, 17, Camila Cabello, 17, and Lauren Jauregui, 18, signed to Cowell’s Syco Music and Epic Records after their turn on “X Factor” in 2012.


Their upcoming album is slated for release of November 2014. With the start they’ve been given it looks like a bright future ahead of these singing chicks. We hope that these ladies are strong enough to last. After all there are a lot of us who are far too familiar with the girl group curse. Fingers crossed that these chick stick it all out.



MTV VMA’s Red Carpet: Amber Rose Showed Up Half Naked!

By Florie Buerki




Is Amber Rose trying to play the “Rihanna bearing it all” card? Well, it looks like she did…
If you were watching the MTV Video Music Award on Sunday, you for sure did not miss Amber’s red carpet appearance!

amber rose

The 30-year-old beauty opted for a “huge necklace type of dress” as her only apparel to twirl on the red carpet. While looking quite confident revealing a lot of skin and her beautiful curves, Wiz Khalifa’s wife may have made this time the wrong move to attend the event.

What are your thoughts about her outfit for the red carpet? “Too-much-of-too-less”? Share your thoughts!

Amber Rose, MTV VMA, Red Carpet, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Fashion, Style, Curves, Half Naked

Auriele Photo 2

Master the Perfect Boho Chic By Shopping Goldleaf

By Ty Coleman

Ladies we all seen many present trendsetters and fashion icons master the classic ‘boho chic,’ Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I know I am not the only one who wonders, how I can create the perfect boho chic look? Look no further ladies because we found the perfect designer, Aurelie Designs and their Goldleaf Collection. Kontrol Magazine recently used some pieces from the collection for a photo shoot and they were all the way  ‘boho chic’

Auriele Photo 1
The designs consist of free, trendy, and feminine pieces for any fashionista who wants to achieve her perfect boho look. The brand combines vintage and glamour to create something Kontrol Girl loves to call, AMAZING! 
Auriele Photo 2
Transitioning from day to night is as easy as 1-2-3 for this collection too ladies! Pick from one of the many and gorgeous dresses from the collection, pair it with the perfect wedges and you are all set for a perfect evening .
Auriele Photo 3
 Ladies make sure you shop for your perfect boho chic look at
Photo’s by:  Blair DeVereaux
Make up by Brandi Victoria
Styling by Julian Lark Assisting M. Lashea
Lip stick by Revel By Julian Lark

Boom! Goes the Beauty at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards arrived last night at the Inglewood Forum in California. The VMAs cause other awards shows to clutch their pearls as it holds the world-wide reputation of being the younger, more entertaining, more fun awards show that guarantees some shock-and-awe moments. We couldn’t possibly fit all the great looks we saw last night here, but check out a few of our favorite ladies strutting the red carpet in LA.

First up, we present the highly anticipated arrival of the Queen of this year’s VMAs, Mrs. Beyonce Carter. She threw the long, luscious blond locks, and looked back at it in her perfected awards show poses. Hair, face, body CHECK!


If anyone doubted that VMA opener Ariana Grande is ready for her debut as a grown-lady, you wouldn’t after last night. The deep red lips, high pony and heavily shaded eyes gave her a dominatrix vibe as compared with last year’s sweet, girly look.

Nicki covered up more last night than the world has seen her all week, but she kept with the snake theme in her python sequin dress. She maintained her natural look of late with her hair and makeup, which showcased her beautiful face.


Kesha kicked off the night by offering her fans a preview of her multi-colored locks. She’s run the rainbow of colors already, so last night she gave them all to us, and umm, well not much else. Loving the heavily contoured eye in a rich brown hue with the pale pink lips too. (anybody else peep that Naked palette by Urban Decay?! It is one of the best values in eyeshadow, get you one!).

Jourdan Dunn served us bob-life realness last night on the red-carpet. Of course the body looked spectacular. She delivered grown-woman goodness with the subtly highlighted blond bob and bombshell makeup. Love the peachy pink lip and top lash only eyeliner. Gorgeous!


Amber, Iggy, Rita, and JLo kept the hair sleek and the makeup simple so as not to distract from all that body they served last night.

Images courtesy of MTV and the artists listed Instagram accounts.

Screenshot_2014-08-24-19-46-56-1-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-52-56-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-52-42-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-55-09-1 sev-2013-vma-best-dressed-ariana-grande-de Screenshot_2014-08-24-19-31-48-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-08-45-1

By: Aundriel Potier


Great Minds Think Alike! Bella Thorne & Emmy Rossum Have a Shirtdress Moment!

By Shatay Speights


Ever shown up to school or work and realize that you’re wearing the same outfit or item as another person? You instantly think “OMG I have to change!” And the rest of the day becomes a fashion showdown of Who Wore it Better! But sometimes that’s a good thing because even though two people may wear the same thing, they still look different because of their different styles and the way that they put their outfits together. So go ahead and enjoy your twin moment and show off your own unique style!

Two of our favorite girls Bella Thorne and Emmy Rossum stepped out in the same marigold shirtdress from Loft. Even though they wore the same pieces, their outfits give off completely different vibes. Bella’s look gives us a super feminine and cute vibe. She accessorized her shirtdress with delicate jewelry pieces, single-sole heels, and an oversized bag, wearing her sleeves all the way down. This look is perfect for lunch with friends, a girls’ night out, or date night. Emmy gives us a cool, laid back and chill look, accessorizing her shirtdress with chunky arm candy, a shoulder bag, and a nice pair of black oxfords (definitely a must for the fall season!). Emmy’s look is perfect for looking cute for class, a shopping trip, or for a concert.

We loved both of these looks! Which is your favorite? Who rocked the Loft shirtdress best? Leave a comment and let us know!



We Called It: Nick & Mariah Are Done

Written by: Danielle Elaine

Welp, we can’t say we ALL didn’t see this coming. Yesterday TMZ reported that Nick and Mariah were officially done.  To no one’s surprise the 6 year marriage is finally over, and allegedly it is all Nick’s fault.

According to reports, the couple has been separated since May, and since then have been living apart. As you can imagine  their divorce attorneys have been hard at work negotiating property settlements, financials and custody agreements.



It is believed that Nick’s March appearance on Big Boy’s radio show was the catalyst for the couple’s split. On the show, Nick named 5 celebrities from his past that he slept with.  Of the 5 names it is said that it was Kim K that sent Mariah reeling. To make matters worse, Nick then went on Howard Stern, and revealed that his wife didn’t give up the cookie until their wedding night.


It wasn’t too long ago that Nick Cannon had urged  Bow Wow to ‘Plead the Fif’  when asked about his past celebrity relationships, on his very own improv show Wild N’ Out. Looks like Nick forgot the rules of the game, and now it’s costing him everything.

In addition to custody, financials, and property Nick and Mariah’s divorce also includes a gag order. That’s right Mariah has sealed any chance of Nick speaking on their divorce AT ALL, and should he decide to rebel against that order he will be subject to exorbitant fines. On the flip side, Mariah is free to make any statement she chooses in regards to their split.

It is obvious which of the two wore the pants in the relationship. In addition to Kim K, Nick also named his wife (obviously), Selita Ebanks, Christina Milian, and Nicole Scherzinger. Anyone else not convinced?

unnamed (1)

During their separation Nick has seen the children, however for the sake of the little ones we hope both adults keep their feelings under KONTROL, and manage an amicable relationship once the legal ink has dried.



temp (15)

Products Reviews: How does the UK’s Boots stack up to American Drugstore Makeup Lines?

Written by: Aundriel Potier


Target stores recently made room on their shelves for the UK’s number one cosmetics’ company, The Boots Company. Always curious if other countries have us beat on the beauty track, I tried their Stay Perfect Lip Stain, High Shine Lip Crayon, and the Stay Perfect Eyeliner. Covergirl and Maybelline would be fair American comparisons against this line.

Boots designed the lip crayon to just be a sheer sweep of moisturizing color. They definitely achieved that. My lips stayed moisturized and it provides just enough color. Plus, unlike other crayons, my lips are not dry after the product wears off. That is my only complaint though; the product wears off very quickly.

As far as the stain, the cosmetics line created this to moisturize and wear long. This stain’s color can truly be built; very rich or a light deepening. I also love the balm component of the stain as this prevents the color from drying on the lip and peeling, which I frequently experience with lip stains.  Again, with this though, I am not convinced of the long-wearing component of Boots’ claims. I found it wore off within an hour of me applying and I have had much better luck in this regard with other brands’ lip colors.

The eyeliner does indeed “stay perfect” throughout the day. I wore the line’s grey-violet color all through my work day and into the evening with no smudging, running or wear-off.

Overall, I will recommend this line. While I did not achieve the long wear I sought, I like the colors, and the lip products felt great on. Plus, the eyeliner was a unique color and lasted all day. You can keep your Covergirl though!


Screenshot_2014-08-21-14-03-08-1 (1) Screenshot_2014-08-21-14-03-31-1 (1) Screenshot_2014-08-21-14-04-38-1 (1)

featured pic.Cara-Delevingne-Naked-Tom-Ford.jl.082114_copy

Cara Delevingne poses nude for Tom Ford!

featured pic.Cara-Delevingne-Naked-Tom-Ford.jl.082114_copy

by Florie Buerki

The young and stunning British model was revealed totally naked as she posed for Tom Ford’s new fragrance campaign.

featured pic.Cara-Delevingne-Naked-Tom-Ford.jl.082114_copy
Half-submerged in water and surrounded by floating dark purple orchids, Cara  divulges just enough of her perfect figure to make this advertising breathtaking.
Furthermore, with a slicked back hair style, smoky eyes and her epic thick eyebrows, she interprets perfectly the sensual yet strong Tom Ford’s new fragrance “Black Orchid”.

At only 22, Miss Delevingne is taking over all of the beauty campaigns and it seems like nothing can stop her. She has proved now that, whether she wears Chanel on the runway or bearing it all in water, she is confident and gorgeous!

cara for chanel
How do you like Cara’s nude picture for Tom Ford’s last campaign? Tell us what are your thoughts.

Miley Cyrus Returning to the VMAS!

Word has it that Miley Cyrus is slated to hit the VMAS this Sunday. No word as of yet if the “Wrecking Ball” singer will grace her presence on the stage this year, but the buzz is out there. After last year’s escapade that has Robin Thicke still apologizing to his estrange wife, who knows what this chick will do.

2013 MTV Video Music Awards - Celebrity Sightings

Now that the starlet has killed her Hanna Montana image its safe to say that she’ll be doing something outrageous. Her outfit is of course expected to be something baring skin and “Rihannaish”. No shade, but shade to the singing maven. Who could honestly ever forget her performance last year that had the world gasping at the sight of her grinding, twerking, and dropping it in front of a “happily” married man at the time?


Shockingly now a year later we’re all witnessing a once idolized couple on the brink of divorce. Not saying the Cyrus is the reason, but we are sure that she played a factor. Even though Paula tried to defend the matter herself one person can only do so much as the other just drags their marriage through the mud. It’s probably obvious that we won’t be seeing either Robin or Paula at this year’s show.


Now that so many artist are performing new tracks at the upcoming show maybe Cyrus will do a surprise performance. After all Nicki Minaj is hitting the stage with her latest single Anaconda, so you never know if she ends up dropping it like its hot right next to her. This is the VMAS, anything can happen.


By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin

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