kylie 2nd (1)

Kylie Jenner poses for the September issue of V Magazine!

By Florie Buerki

kylie 2nd (1)

The youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has always been closely following the flow of her sisters’ fame, but this time she stood out on her own and scored a photo shoot for the high-fashion magazine V!

While the all family is known for their good fashion taste, the little sister has always had her very own style and we love finally seeing her solo in the spotlight.

V magazine revealed Kylie more beautiful than ever! Dressed into a Emporio Armani coat over a lacy flip dress for a first sexy yet chic look, she then switched to a black lace top with matching nail polish and Cartier Love bracelets for a closer shoot.
Kylie for V
Admitting being obsessed with Instagram, the 17-year-old girl did not waste a minute to proudly share a pic of the shoot on the social network and we definitely agree with her… she killed it!


What do you think about Kylie’s appearance in the V magazine and how do you think the pix stick to Kylie’s style?



Get Fine Friday: Add more Boom to your Booty with these Exercises.

Written by: Aundriel Potier


The booty craze generates much buzz on a regular basis. However, with the release of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’, JLo and Iggy’s ‘Booty’coupled with the display at MTV’s VMAs further expounded by ever-present news of faulty, unsanctioned a** injections, booties stole front page news this week. In the spirit of “Get-Fit Friday’s” as well as sexy, healthy women everywhere who want more bang in their booty, let’s discuss some proven exercises to get more bump in your trunk without injections. Try these out and let us know how they work for you! I have personally tried these tips and they have worked for me but please let me know what worked (or has not) for you.

Screenshot_2014-08-28-13-32-56-1Squats. Old faithfuls, but only in proper form. Sit down in your squat and make sure your knees are over your ankles. Get low. Anything else is just barely working the legs. Want to Boost? Try 50 jumping jacks, 50 jump-ropes, 30 butt kicks and 30 jabs-crosses to get blood flowing before your squats. Then complete 5, 10-rep sets of them.

Running. 3 ten-minute miles four times a week will lift your butt and blast fat. Make sure you complete at least five minutes of runner’s stretches beforehand to make sure you last—lunges, deep-plies, and cat-cow exercises are very effective runner’s stretches.  Shoes with arch support and cushion are also paramount to ensure your feet are not killing you at the end of your trek. Want to Boost? Try sprinting for a minute or two every ten minutes—really increases the burn.

Floor work. Circular leg raises, leg lifts and knee lifts work beautifully when completed in high rep counts. (i.e. at least 5 reps of 10 for each round). Want to Boost? Run for ten minutes and walk briskly on an incline for 10 minutes beforehand. Twenty minutes of low-impact, high-impact cardio like this will get blood flowing to legs and warm up the thighs, heightening effectiveness and your stamina throughout the exercises.

Screenshot_2014-08-28-13-33-05-1 Screenshot_2014-08-28-13-33-26-1 Screenshot_2014-08-28-13-33-39-1 (1)


#Kontrolyournails with Fall 2014!

With the season changing, so should the things that keep you gorgeous too. This includes hair color, make up, shoes, and most essentially nails! With each season reveals scorching nail trends that are not only cute, but show stopping. Are you ready to take your nails to the next level with Fall 2014? Take full #kontrol of your nails and enter this season with grace and hands that display the hottest trends.


With the assistance of fall nail styles such as In the Nude, Simply Red, Gray Matter, Heavy Metal, or Work of Art, nails this season morph into metallic gems that are rare to mankind. Dare to be different with your nails show them off with pride. Whether you prefer a classic clean look or an antique painting on your fingertips, #kontrolyournails with an iron fist. Show the world who is the boss from your nails. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.



JLo & Iggy Flaunt Their ‘Booty’


Jlo has been back in the studio, and this time it may have been worth it. The Latin “songstress” has teamed up with Australian Pop-Star Iggy Azalea on her latest single ‘Booty’. The unlikely duo have managed to compose a pleasantly surprising hit.  The single is off her album A.K.A. Jlo initially shred artwork for the single on Instagram throwing slight shade with the hashtag ‘naturalbooty’.

If Jlo were to maintain this musical aesthetic she may just have a shot at a legitimate musical career. With the exception of ‘Waiting For Tonight’ and ‘I’m Real’ Jlo has yet to earn her studio booth credibility.

Check out the single below, and tell us what you think. Kan it? or Keep it?



Written by: Danielle Elaine



Usher & Nicki Have Done It Again

Usher and Nicki have paired up again, on his second single ‘She Came To Give It To You’. The single is the second released from Usher’s upcoming eighth studio album, ‘UR’. The song appeals to Usher’s classic, “get on the dance floor” sound. The video features VH1’s ‘Hit The Floor’ star Taylour Paige as Usher’s leading lady, and true to form Nicki delivers “a hot 16″. Seems like after all Usher has been through he is finally getting back to the guy we all know and love.
With summer quickly coming to a close, this is the perfect song to blast on a road trip whether with your friends or significant other, and it is sure to get everyone at the last cookout of the season up and moving! Check out the video, and tell us what you think. Kan it? or Keep it?
Written by: Danielle Elaine

Get 2 Know: Fifth Harmony

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin


Girl groups have always been a fixture in the music industry and probably will always be. Although in the past few years there seems to have been a decline in successful female groups.  Recently, it looks like things are starting to change around. For example, the other night at the VMAS The Artist to Watch Award went to rising group Fifth Harmony. At the time a lot of the older viewers could only say, “who?” but these ladies are doing their thing. After releasing their lead single “Boss”, which was filled with plenty of catchy pop lyrics to entice listeners to sing along. These five ladies are on their way to take the world over pretty soon.


Similar to the Spice Girls nearly 20 years ago they are empowering women and encouraging a good time. The make up of the group is constructed with true vocalist who are belting out vocals reminiscent of En Vogue.


Fifth Harmony, consisting of members Ally Brooke Hernandez, 21, Normani Hamilton, 18, Dinah Jane Hansen, 17, Camila Cabello, 17, and Lauren Jauregui, 18, signed to Cowell’s Syco Music and Epic Records after their turn on “X Factor” in 2012.


Their upcoming album is slated for release of November 2014. With the start they’ve been given it looks like a bright future ahead of these singing chicks. We hope that these ladies are strong enough to last. After all there are a lot of us who are far too familiar with the girl group curse. Fingers crossed that these chick stick it all out.



MTV VMA’s Red Carpet: Amber Rose Showed Up Half Naked!

By Florie Buerki




Is Amber Rose trying to play the “Rihanna bearing it all” card? Well, it looks like she did…
If you were watching the MTV Video Music Award on Sunday, you for sure did not miss Amber’s red carpet appearance!

amber rose

The 30-year-old beauty opted for a “huge necklace type of dress” as her only apparel to twirl on the red carpet. While looking quite confident revealing a lot of skin and her beautiful curves, Wiz Khalifa’s wife may have made this time the wrong move to attend the event.

What are your thoughts about her outfit for the red carpet? “Too-much-of-too-less”? Share your thoughts!

Amber Rose, MTV VMA, Red Carpet, Rihanna, Wiz Khalifa, Fashion, Style, Curves, Half Naked

Auriele Photo 2

Master the Perfect Boho Chic By Shopping Goldleaf

By Ty Coleman

Ladies we all seen many present trendsetters and fashion icons master the classic ‘boho chic,’ Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, and Kendall and Kylie Jenner. I know I am not the only one who wonders, how I can create the perfect boho chic look? Look no further ladies because we found the perfect designer, Aurelie Designs and their Goldleaf Collection. Kontrol Magazine recently used some pieces from the collection for a photo shoot and they were all the way  ‘boho chic’

Auriele Photo 1
The designs consist of free, trendy, and feminine pieces for any fashionista who wants to achieve her perfect boho look. The brand combines vintage and glamour to create something Kontrol Girl loves to call, AMAZING! 
Auriele Photo 2
Transitioning from day to night is as easy as 1-2-3 for this collection too ladies! Pick from one of the many and gorgeous dresses from the collection, pair it with the perfect wedges and you are all set for a perfect evening .
Auriele Photo 3
 Ladies make sure you shop for your perfect boho chic look at
Photo’s by:  Blair DeVereaux
Make up by Brandi Victoria
Styling by Julian Lark Assisting M. Lashea
Lip stick by Revel By Julian Lark

Boom! Goes the Beauty at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards arrived last night at the Inglewood Forum in California. The VMAs cause other awards shows to clutch their pearls as it holds the world-wide reputation of being the younger, more entertaining, more fun awards show that guarantees some shock-and-awe moments. We couldn’t possibly fit all the great looks we saw last night here, but check out a few of our favorite ladies strutting the red carpet in LA.

First up, we present the highly anticipated arrival of the Queen of this year’s VMAs, Mrs. Beyonce Carter. She threw the long, luscious blond locks, and looked back at it in her perfected awards show poses. Hair, face, body CHECK!


If anyone doubted that VMA opener Ariana Grande is ready for her debut as a grown-lady, you wouldn’t after last night. The deep red lips, high pony and heavily shaded eyes gave her a dominatrix vibe as compared with last year’s sweet, girly look.

Nicki covered up more last night than the world has seen her all week, but she kept with the snake theme in her python sequin dress. She maintained her natural look of late with her hair and makeup, which showcased her beautiful face.


Kesha kicked off the night by offering her fans a preview of her multi-colored locks. She’s run the rainbow of colors already, so last night she gave them all to us, and umm, well not much else. Loving the heavily contoured eye in a rich brown hue with the pale pink lips too. (anybody else peep that Naked palette by Urban Decay?! It is one of the best values in eyeshadow, get you one!).

Jourdan Dunn served us bob-life realness last night on the red-carpet. Of course the body looked spectacular. She delivered grown-woman goodness with the subtly highlighted blond bob and bombshell makeup. Love the peachy pink lip and top lash only eyeliner. Gorgeous!


Amber, Iggy, Rita, and JLo kept the hair sleek and the makeup simple so as not to distract from all that body they served last night.

Images courtesy of MTV and the artists listed Instagram accounts.

Screenshot_2014-08-24-19-46-56-1-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-52-56-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-52-42-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-55-09-1 sev-2013-vma-best-dressed-ariana-grande-de Screenshot_2014-08-24-19-31-48-1 Screenshot_2014-08-24-20-08-45-1

By: Aundriel Potier


Great Minds Think Alike! Bella Thorne & Emmy Rossum Have a Shirtdress Moment!

By Shatay Speights


Ever shown up to school or work and realize that you’re wearing the same outfit or item as another person? You instantly think “OMG I have to change!” And the rest of the day becomes a fashion showdown of Who Wore it Better! But sometimes that’s a good thing because even though two people may wear the same thing, they still look different because of their different styles and the way that they put their outfits together. So go ahead and enjoy your twin moment and show off your own unique style!

Two of our favorite girls Bella Thorne and Emmy Rossum stepped out in the same marigold shirtdress from Loft. Even though they wore the same pieces, their outfits give off completely different vibes. Bella’s look gives us a super feminine and cute vibe. She accessorized her shirtdress with delicate jewelry pieces, single-sole heels, and an oversized bag, wearing her sleeves all the way down. This look is perfect for lunch with friends, a girls’ night out, or date night. Emmy gives us a cool, laid back and chill look, accessorizing her shirtdress with chunky arm candy, a shoulder bag, and a nice pair of black oxfords (definitely a must for the fall season!). Emmy’s look is perfect for looking cute for class, a shopping trip, or for a concert.

We loved both of these looks! Which is your favorite? Who rocked the Loft shirtdress best? Leave a comment and let us know!


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